Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Puppies and hunted houses

Free puppies!!! We started with 7 and we still have 5. So if anyone wants a puppie, come on down to san felipe and pick it up. I'v gone back and forth about keeping one but there is no way i can travel down here with it. Plus i can barly take care of myself, let alone a dog.

The same day and place I met my teachers and landloards, we all got invited to be extras in a movie. This is the hunted house. The old aqua marina hotel (in reality) had some misfortune. A girl drowned in their pool and a helicopter crashed into one of the buildings. New owners are trying to rebuild it but workers keep quiting after they report a invisable hand forcfuly grabing them from behind. Sounds like a scooby doo mystery. Pretty tho.
[Click photo to enlarge]

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